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We believe in the power of digital. We help organizations to use internet and intranet services to improve business results. We think information centric. We strive to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.

Our core service portfolio

  • Digital Business Consulting
  • Requirements Engineering & Stakeholder Facilitation
  • Concept Development
  • User Experience Design & Prototyping
  • Solution Evaluation & Benchmarking
  • Software Architecture & Development
  • Operations, Support & Maintenance


Swiss Confederation

Target Operating Model for Structural Business Statistics (STATENT)

Customer Challenge:

The Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO) planned to integrate non-statistical data sources, such as administrative data, into the production of economic statistics. The main objectives were to decrease the administrative charges of the interviewed persons and companies, to reduce the manual processing of surveys at FSO and to increase the publication frequency.

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BEKB New Online Banking Application.

Customer Challenge:

BEKB defined usability, quality and simplicity as the key objectives for the first version of their smartphone app. The project team identified a wide ranging initial scope which included numerous different functionalities. Given the extensive aspects identified there was a requirement for intensive discussions in order to reach common agreement regarding prioritization. BEKB was of the consensus that the user objectives were taken as the starting point for all evaluations and prioritizations. These would then be aligned with the requirement of a timely launch to reach delivery decisions. It was crucial that the customer be provided with an understandable and consistent experience. Best Practice benchmarking combined with market comparisons were also to be incorporated with project team expertise and user testing.

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Messe Basel

Art Basel (Basel, Miami, Hong Kong)

Customer Challenge:

With a worldwide presence, a growing employee base and sites in Europe, the USA and Asia, Art Basel is facing communication and collaboration challenges. The Company decided to turn the challenge into an opportunity, establishing a fully integrated digital collaboration experience across the three sites.

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Sulzer AG - A Digital Workplace Implementation

Customer Challenge:

The increasing introduction of digital services is steadily increasing pressure on business. As a result employees need to be able to find, filter, retrieve and update data faster than ever before. A survey and estimation of the time wasted by employees searching for information in multiple, isolated silos made it clear that a more efficient way of working was required. It was also noted that employees were having difficulties finding and interacting with experts located around the world.

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FHVI Intranet and Internet

Foundation for a multi-institutions digital workplace

Customer Challenge:

FHVI acts as a unique computer department for all of the 12 institutions and hospitals of the FHV association (50 different geographical sites for more than 8’000 employees). The single intranet platform was out of date and did not meet the developing needs of the institutions. There was no real long-term digital strategy based on the use of electronic communication and work tools. In addition, FHVI wanted to deploy a single, new, efficient and collaborative platform for all their intranet and internet websites.

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News & Thoughts


Impressions from INTRA.NET Reloaded 2016 - Berlin

Consulting & Service Design, Intranet & Digital Workplace, Change Management
Just last week, INTRA.NET Reloaded successfully wrapped up its 5th anniversary conference at the KOSMOS Cinema Berlin. With over 250 attendees representing corporate comms through IT, the central focus this year was more than just another supposed “next big thing” or “must have technology”. No, this year’s theme was far more subtle and yet, surprisingly elemental. This year was all about the exchange of real and refreshingly honest experiences around transforming business. One could almost say, the digital workplace is getting all grown up!
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Implications on Digital Workplace from World Usability Congress 2015

Internet & Digital Footprint, Intranet & Digital Workplace, , Things worth sharing

In October, I joined the World Usability Congress in Graz listening to interesting talks delivered by speakers from many countries and companies, including Alibaba and NASA. The focus was on user experience and the approaches taken by the speakers in their projects. They also considered the methods used, and the implications to the organizations and their customers.

In this article, I want to highlight some of the most interesting and enlightening aspects from a selection of the talks.

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