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We believe in the power of digital. We help organizations to use internet and intranet services to improve business results. We think information centric. We strive to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.

Our core service portfolio

  • Digital Business Consulting
  • Requirements Engineering & Stakeholder Facilitation
  • Concept Development
  • User Experience Design & Prototyping
  • Solution Evaluation & Benchmarking
  • Software Architecture & Development
  • Operations, Support & Maintenance



Suva.ch Website, E-Services and Client Portal

Customer Challenge:

For over 10 years, suva.ch has been powered by the content management system Livelink WCMS type 1 (formerly Obtree). However, new requirements in the integration of backend data services, more flexible modular deployment models and the need for a revamped user experience have led to a completely new architecture and redesign of the site. Through a modern approach and micro-service oriented architecture, it was now possible to digitalize and distribute materials, which previously could only be provided to their clients in printed form. The initiative sets the foundation for an efficient evolution of the web presence and connected E-Services with Suva’s clients. Resilience of the systems had to be brought with the use of caching and circuit breaker libraries.

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Helsana Intranet

Customer Challenge:

Helsana’s Intranet was established in 1999, containing documents (80%), web-content (20%) and over 700 applications that where developed over time. These applications, all at varying levels of business criticality, provided key functions and links between web-content and documents. Deeply interwoven, yet partially independent of one another, they were the source of great complexity for the intranet at the time. However, any revision or relaunch of the intranet would have to ensure the functions that these applications provide were addressed appropriately. With a decision to replace the original technical platform with a new one, it was preferable that it be more configurable in nature, while requiring little to no additional application development.

As goals of a future intranet; transparency, actuality and findability where given primary focus. In addition, hierarchical structures of the organization should be adapted to better accommodate the move towards a new sense of openness.

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Swiss Confederation

Target Operating Model for Structural Business Statistics (STATENT)

Customer Challenge:

The Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO) planned to integrate non-statistical data sources, such as administrative data, into the production of economic statistics. The main objectives were to decrease the administrative charges of the interviewed persons and companies, to reduce the manual processing of surveys at FSO and to increase the publication frequency.

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BEKB New Online Banking Application.

Customer Challenge:

BEKB defined usability, quality and simplicity as the key objectives for the first version of their smartphone app. The project team identified a wide ranging initial scope which included numerous different functionalities. Given the extensive aspects identified there was a requirement for intensive discussions in order to reach common agreement regarding prioritization. BEKB was of the consensus that the user objectives were taken as the starting point for all evaluations and prioritizations. These would then be aligned with the requirement of a timely launch to reach delivery decisions. It was crucial that the customer be provided with an understandable and consistent experience. Best Practice benchmarking combined with market comparisons were also to be incorporated with project team expertise and user testing.

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Messe Basel

Art Basel (Basel, Miami, Hong Kong)

Customer Challenge:

With a worldwide presence, a growing employee base and sites in Europe, the USA and Asia, Art Basel is facing communication and collaboration challenges. The Company decided to turn the challenge into an opportunity, establishing a fully integrated digital collaboration experience across the three sites.

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News & Thoughts


Beyond two weeks with DevOps

Realization, Change Management, Technology Consulting & Delivery
The benefit of investing in IT projects can only be assessed after they are successfully deployed on production and used by their intended audience. Here, close feedback loops can better ensure insight into the possible value generated. By keeping the batch size small and the feedback cycle tight, the easier it is to determine to what degree the deployed artefact provides value to its users and operations. Despite involvement and collaboration of multiple parties across organizations, IT engineering efforts don’t always lead to satisfactory results. It comes down to, how fast you can right the ship and correct the course.
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Reflections on the 5th Annual Social Business Collaboration – Berlin 2016

Intranet & Digital Workplace, Change Management, Digital Transformation Strategy
Social Business Collaboration 2016 just wrapped up recently in Berlin, marking its 5th successful conference around the digital “way we work” in enterprise organizations. There 175 delegates were able to experience 2 and a half intensive days of exchange and insight, with 35 speakers, more than 14 interactive sessions and 16 case studies. An excellent place to get a feel for the pulse of the times and an outlook to where digital may be going next.
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