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Acino - Worldwide Intranet with SharePoint & Wizdom

The Acino communications team knows the company and the employees - Infocentric the appropriate methodologies and tools.

Quality, agility and speed are key factors in our company. For our Intranet, we were looking for a suitable design and implementation partner who could guide us methodically in four months from the kick-off to the launch. Infocentric has exceeded this expectation.

Ulrike Seminati, Head of Communication


Acino is a Swiss pharmaceutical company with a globally distributed organization, mobile employees and high quality standards, operating in a highly regulated market and product landscape. The company has grown rapidly and encompasses different countries, languages and working cultures. Acino wanted to strengthen the corporate culture and help employees get started in their work environment.

Building an intranet on the O365 cloud, addressed the most urgent objectives for global communication. The goal was not just to replace the old intranet in just four months and replace it with a global, cloud-based intranet but also to:

  • Enable easy creation of communication content and targeted distribution to the disperse work force.
  • Provide content and channels addressing the foundation of Acino such as vision, mission, values, policies.
  • Allow an internal intranet team to create new content without IT support.
  • Empower functions such as HR / emergency team to present their services and contacts.
  • Provide a platform to distribute news and updates as well as collect feedback.
  • Allow content to be consumed on any device.


Infocentric and Acino mastered the time challenge with three key factors:

  1. Proven, agile method building blocks
  2. High decision-making authority in the project team
  3. Product mix of technically mature standard products (Office365 and Wizdom Intranet)

In a User Centered Design (UCD) workshop series, user needs were identified together with stakeholders from the Business. Personas were developed which facilitated the prioritization of the relevant intranet scenarios independent of Technology.

In order to ensure a stable and long-term information architecture, a detailed content analysis was carried out. In addition, an associated taxonomy was defined together with specialist business representatives. Only the user guidance and the navigation concept were designed based on the technical framework of the standard software O365 and Wizdom Intranet and thus directly influenced by the product choice.

Prototyping sessions allowed an iterative development of the solution together with Acino teams, first in a test and later in the production environment. The step-by-step implementation allowed for a very high level of design flexibility as well as the training of the responsible technical representatives on the new technology. This allowed the teams to migrate content between the prototyping sessions themselves. The final fine-tuning with more complex use cases was then finally set up by a technician.


Acino very rapidly started to experience the benefits of their new intranet over and above their original goal. More and more people are seeing the value of and approaching the project team and the editors to become contributors, present their services and play a part in the new environment.

The communications team have seen a huge up-tick in the employee engagement via the integration of Yammer and have observed the power of the new intranet to bring the company together and to create a common understanding of the culture.

With Infocentric’s standardised approach, proven method modules and a strong alignment of business needs with standard components, the project was completed within 4 months and on budget. The success of the first release may lead to scaling the environment up to the next level in the future.

The new intranet was optimized for mobile access via a mobile phone and through the use of cloud software with Office 365 and Wizdom Intranet, it is fully integrated into the digital workspace of employees worldwide.

Personalization has been used to increase the relevance of information to the user and a seamless integration of Yammer seeks to foster trust through increased proximity and transparency.

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